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Our Product Range

  • Marine extracts

    Hifid® is a microbial all-water lysate that is chelated with lecithin from snow crab shells after low-temperature enzymatic hydrolysis with plant sources. It is rich in chitosan oligosaccharides, soybean lecithin, plant-derived lecithin, polypeptides and other active substances. Chitosan oligosaccharides with a molecular weight of 3000 Daltons have high biological activity and can induce plant autoimmune resistance. It is a new generation of broad-spectrum plant immune regulators. It is suitable for a variety of crops in different periods of use, can well promote the growth of crops and has a significant effect on soil improvement.

    If you are looking for high-quality marine extracts, Jiama marine extracts will be your best choice!

  • Humic acid extract

    Bristol-Myers Squibb® is an activator composed of a class of natural biological stimulants, which mainly contains hormone-like substances, palm humic acid, fulvic acid, humic acid, and humin. The raw material comes from the world's best weathered lignite distribution belt North Dakota mineral source, using advanced physical processing technology refined into a stable suspension water, containing the natural vitality of the original ore. It retains its unique acidity, its acid resistance is stable to pH 3, and its resistance to hard water can reach 15 degrees. It increases leaf chlorophyll content by 9.25%, leaves thicker, increases photosynthesis, and fruit sugar content increases by 4.6. At the same time, the fruit is uniform and consistent.

  • New Specialty Phosphorus Potassium

    Goka® is a multi-element organic chelated water-soluble fertilizer produced by using natural deep-sea seaweed extracts as raw materials. The seaweed is processed by a special four-stage extraction process to completely retain all nutrients in the seaweed. , Make it highly active, extremely soluble in water, easily absorbed and utilized by plant roots, stems, and leaves, and accelerate the speed of conduction.

    If you are looking for high-quality new special phosphorus and potassium, Jiaoma new special phosphorus and potassium will be your best choice!

  • Suspended fertilizer with macronutrients

    This product is a new type of organic and inorganic suspended energy-gathering fertilizer that adopts British production technology and is in line with the sustainable development of agriculture. It not only has the characteristics of a large number of element water-soluble fertilizers with high content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but also has the characteristics of organic water-soluble fertilizers to improve soil and promote root growth. Organic and inorganic nutrients are supplemented at the same time, and insist on using the soil to nourish the roots and promote the healthy growth of crops.

    If you are looking for high-quality macro-element suspended fertilizers, Jiao Ma large-element suspended fertilizers will be your best choice!

  • Macro-element water-soluble fertilizer

    Hepai® is formulated with high-quality raw materials and is a highly absorbent, fully water-soluble fertilizer. It is a nutritionally balanced formula. Except for the large and medium elements, all the metal trace elements contained are in the EDTA chelated state. It also contains highly active organic substances such as vitamins, algins, active enzymes and polysaccharides. It is suitable for the whole growth period of crops and provides nutrients for the crops to grow in a balanced manner.

    If you are looking for a large-element water-soluble fertilizer, Jiaoma large-element water-soluble fertilizer will be your best choice!

  • Middle element water-soluble fertilizer

    This product is a medium-element water-soluble fertilizer produced by processing and chelating high-quality raw materials such as British JOMA sterol chelating agent, calcium gluconate and magnesium gluconate. Gluconic acid can promote the flow of plant cell fluid, accelerate nutrient transformation, and promote dry matter accumulation.

    If you are looking for medium element water soluble fertilizer, Jiao Ma medium element water soluble fertilizer will be your best choice!

  • Microbial agents

    Independent "photocarbon ribozyme" cycle system

    Light technology: Joma photosynthesis enhancer technology; accelerate the photosynthesis of crops

    Carbon technology: Contains active organic carbon from seaweed, which makes the yield higher and higher

    Nuclear technology: Contains polyglutamic acid and polyaspartic acid to make the quality better and better

    Bacteria with enzymes: contains biologically active enzymes, decomposing enzymes, making the soil more vigorous

    If you are looking for microbial inoculants, horse correction microbial inoculants will be your best choice!

  • Plant-derived additives

    This product is a natural green peel essential oil additive developed by Brasil Louis Dreyfus citrus as the core raw material and using E-rain technology. It has the unique function of organic hydrophilicity, which can quickly penetrate into the mesophyll tissue of plants and promote the absorption and utilization of agricultural chemicals and other agricultural products by crops. Improve the control effect and utilization rate. After spraying, the crop leaves can be brighter, which can promote the conversion of light energy into organic matter, which can be absorbed and used by plants, and improve the quality and yield of agricultural products.

    If you are looking for plant-derived additives, horse-correcting plant-derived additives will be your best choice!

  • Korean FM products

    Huaguolang is a product specially developed by South Korea FM Agricultural Technology Company to resist stress, color and improve sugar content. ◆Characteristics of Huaguolang Promote the differentiation of flower buds of vegetables and fruits, promote coloring, and have a very good effect on improving sugar content. * Promote the differentiation of flower buds Containing organic phosphoric acid, starch extracting sugar, vitamins, enzymes and other ingredients can promote the differentiation of flower buds of vegetables and fruits. * Promote the coloring of fruits Promote the color expression of fruits and promote the inherent colors of fruits and vegetables. * Increase the harvest period of fruits and increase the sugar content. It contains compound polysaccharides and amino acids that promote sugar synthesis, which can be received in advance and increase the sugar content.

    If you are looking for amino acid-containing water-soluble fertilizer, Jiaoma FM amino acid-containing water-soluble fertilizer will be your best choice!